Improving Your Memory - How to Memorize Things for an Exam

Getting a strong memory always added benefits us in every way in our life. It does not only boosts our performance, also aids in occasions in many ways. Whether you are a student or a working person, a good memory is always essential. But to have a sharp memory, you have to nurture your brain like you nourish your health with food and. You have to do some work out to increase your brain power.


Here are few tips on how to enhance your memory. If you do exercise daily, your brain tissue are served with more oxygen along with the other cells of your body. It simply reduces the chances of memory disorder or memory loss. This is a way to keep it healthy. But there is another way you can work out your brain and that is playing chess. This is actually a very good and a common way of brain workout. Cause playing chess is all about playing with strategies and connected to brain. Even it is seen that people who are good in playing chess, also the owner of sharp memory. It is said that if you keep your brain lively, it increases memory power. Along with playing chess, Sudoku puzzle is also a very good game indeed. Some instances using challenges is also good. It may come with expertise and some mental efforts. It will undoubtedly help if you try to discover some new languages or play any instrument. however, it won't help if you do something that you are good at, and you do that. Try to do something that you are not familiar with, and take you out of comfort zone.

In today's life, we are so busy that we don't get enough time to sleep. But it is totally wrong. Overtime working is a big reason of dull memory, because less sleep is a reason of drained brain tissue. And if we don't have the expected sleeping time, our brain cell doesn't work appropriately. It is researched and proved that less sleep is a cause of poor overall performance and also reduces the ability of solving any problems quickly. Our brain performs at the stage when we are sleeping.

Stress is one of the biggest enemies of memory. Stress destroys brain tissues. There is a region in our brain called hippocampus. It aids to remove the old memories n exchange it new ones. chronic stress damages this region. So it causes bad memory power.

When it comes to nourishment, your brain also needs some healthy foods as your body. having right diet really assists. Polyphenols can be found in green tea. It is a strong antioxidant that protects your brain from free radicals which is a cause of damaged brain tissues. possessing inexperienced tea regularly enhances memory. it also slows getting older of your brain. eating more many fruits serves more antioxidants to your brain. green vegetables are also helpful in this case. possessing a good amount of complex carbohydrates is good for your brain.

These are just some tips or tricks to enhance your memory. right after all a healthy brain is all we need to have a good life.

By Glen M Gould


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