Kegel Exercise For Better Sex

Terrance Lile (Uncle Terry)-

Do you get winded by simply walking up a flight of stairs? Are you straining to pick up a gallon of milk? Do you crawl into bed shortly after arriving home from work? If so, you shouldn't expect to have the energy for a sexual marathon. But with proper exercise, one can get on the right track to feeling young and energetic in bed again.

At Ask we regularly have people emailing us - asking how they can improve their sexual stamina, get better aroused, last longer in bed and enjoy better enjoy sex. One of the best ways to achieve all of these desires and a whole lot more is exercise. Unless you're a cold fish, there's a great deal of body movement during sex. Together as a couple, go running or bike riding. This is a great way to spend quality time together while building physical endurance. Having healthier arteries will allow the blood to flow better to the genitals. With a healthier blood flow, men will develop a harder erection, and women will be more easily aroused.

With a conditioned body, one is able to last longer in bed and have sex numerous times. After climaxing once, break the habit of falling asleep afterward. Pleasure your mate for a while, instead. When the blood gets flowing again, "round two" can commence. This will keep both of you interested, and make your mate go wild with anticipation during intermission.
With endless positions to choose from during intercourse such as those found at, don't stick to the same routine. If you work your upper body, it will be easier to grab your mate with authority and try a new position. Different positions will keep the spark alive.

Use each muscle. Guys, this doesn't mean you should just lay back and let the woman do all the work. You need to be engaged, as well. Sexual energy will increase exponentially if both bodies thrust towards one another. Exercising your legs, arms and chest is great, but working the hidden muscles will help build stamina, as well.

Kegel exercises work for both men, and women. This exercise will thoroughly help each partner to gain control of his or her body. To do Kegel exercises, participants must tighten the muscle as if they are holding back urine. This is not about squeezing your stomach, or rear end. Next time you are going the bathroom, try holding back the stream. This should give you a feel of where that muscle is. Once you have found it, try working the muscle with reps of about 10 to 30 times. Then try repeating this at least 50 times a day. Once you are able to do 50, step it up to 30 reps at 200 times a day.

It may seem like a lot of work, but you can do these while reading the paper or typing on the computer. If you are faithful to the routine, you should feel results within a month. A woman who does Kegel exercises can control and tighten her vagina. To help stimulate the male, she can use this muscle to get a firmer grab on the penis. Men who are going to climax should tighten their pubococcygeal (PC) muscle and release as desired. This will help them develop a skill to control ejaculation. Every time you hold back an orgasm, try to last a little longer than the previous one. Remember, practice makes perfect and the ladies love a man who can hold his own.

Climb the stairs to your bedroom without feeling exhausted. Pick up that gallon of milk after a glorious morning of sex. After work, you should plan on another sexual marathon. Sex is a great stress reliever and an amazing way to show the teamwork of a couple. Although exercising may seem hard at times, your body and your spouse will thank you.


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