Natural Hair Tips

For all my men and women out there who are growing out their natural hair I commend you. Natural Hair IS NOT an easy task nor is it something you can do without knowledge of your hair. When transitioning there are a few things you need to keep in mind along the way. Listed below I have included a few tips and tricks of the trade that you should know.


Natural Hair Tips

Pre Poo

This means to moisturize your hair before you actually shampoo. It doesn't strip your hair from its natural oils or take away moisture. You do not have to use any expensive products cheaper ones usually work just as fine. You can use Olive oil to pre poo or a rinse out conditioner. There is no need to measure out the exact amount you will use because everyone is different. Leave on for about 30 minutes then rinse out.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Apple cider vinegar clarifies and restores shine, removes buildup and environmental residue, locks in moisture and helps with detangling natural locks. It also kills the bacteria that cause dandruff. You can use this rinse before and after you shampoo. Massage in one part water and one part Organic Apple Cider into the scalp. (Make sure it is Organic) leave on for 30 minutes then rinse with cold water. Do not use more than once a week. Make sure to use small amounts and DILUTE! Too much of this will damage hair and contribute to dryness.

Deep Condition

Deep conditioning makes hair shine and allows you to wear natural styles for longer periods of time.


Clarify your hair every 4-6 weeks or when necessary. Many Natural hair products are thick and creamy which can cause build up if used on a daily basis. Build up on the hair can make the hair look dull and cause breakage. A hydrating shampoo is recommended because it adds moisture to your hair.

Cold Water Rinse

Washing your hair with warm water opens the cuticle of the hair. When doing your final rinse using cold water is preferred, because it closes the cuticle and leaves a smooth and shiny finish.

NO Sulfates

Sulfates are harsh chemicals that can harm your hair. They can cause damage, breakage and dry hair. STAY AWAY from Shampoos that contain sulfates.


Comb through hair thoroughly with conditioners, and not just the outside perimeter of your hair. If you do not comb conditioners thoroughly through your hair, you can cause matting, tangling and knots which many times results in breakage.

Hair Styling

If you are wearing braids or extensions, avoid tension around the hairline. Unnecessary tugging and pulling around the edges cause breakage and bald spots.

- By Sierra C Jones


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