Yoga Postures to Activate the Root Chakra

This chakra is located at the base of your spine and is red in color. It is through this chakra that you connect with the earth's energy and are able to meet your most basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter and money. A blockage in this chakra can manifest as having constant money worries. You might also feel disconnected from family and friends and lack a sense of direction in life.


There are several yoga postures that can activate your root chakra, enabling you to feel more emotionally grounded and enhancing your material wealth. The two postures I am going to focus on are Tadasana and Warrior 1.

Tadasana, otherwise known as Mountain Pose, is very effective in activating this chakra. Stand with your big toes touching. Lift your toes and lay them back on the floor. Gently sway back and forth and side to side. As you come into a place of stillness, balance your weight so you can feel all four corners of your feet. Suck in your navel towards your spine and imagine a stream of energy flowing all the way up your spine and out through the crown of your head.

Lift your sternum just enough to open and relax your chest. Let your hands hang down by your side. Ensure that your joints are properly stacked, so that the crown of your head is directly above your pelvis. Soften your gaze and focus on a point in front of you.

Stay in this pose for 30 seconds to one minute. As you do so, visualize roots emerging from the soles of your feet, connecting you to the earth's energy.

You can easily transition from Tadasana to Warrior 1. Whilst standing in Tadasana, exhale and place your left foot about three feet behind you. Turn it to a 45 degree angle and place it fully on the ground.

Exhale and bend your right knee, ensuring that it is stacked directly above your right ankle. Place your hands on your hips, making sure that they are rotated forwards. Inhale deeply, raise your arms in prayer above your head and imagine you're drawing the earth's healing energy into your root chakra. It is also useful to imagine your root chakra spinning freely and releasing any thought patterns or negative experiences that no longer serve you.

According to ancient Hindu Yogic Teaching, any stressful or traumatic event that you've experienced can have a negative impact on the functioning of this chakra.

As you practice these exercises, you will develop greater focus and a sense of oneness with the world around you. It is vitally important to balance this chakra first, as it provides you with a solid foundation for healing other areas of your life.

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