How You Can Benefit From These Anti-Aging Home Remedies

You skin does not have to reveal your real age when you follow these anti-aging home remedies. As you grow older, you will notice some changes in your skin. Your skin starts to lose its moisture and begins to dry, fine lines and eventually wrinkles as well as age spots appear.


While you cannot stop your aging, you can always do something to delay its signs. Here are some of the best natural remedies you can easily do at your home.

Skin Dryness

Drying skin is perhaps the earliest sign of the aging process. This condition leads to other skin aging problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, and spots. Dryness occurs with the accumulation of dead cells on the skin.

This is because aging affects your body's natural ability to exfoliate dead skin. This makes it harder for the skin to lock in its needed moisture.

Home remedies to fight dry skin are as follows:

Drink plenty of water for hydration. Ten to twelve glasses a day is the new standard for drinking fresh potable water. A natural cleansing agent, water flushes out harmful substances in the body while hydrating your skin.

Exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells. You can prepare your own natural exfoliating solution using oatmeal as your main ingredient. Clinical studies show that oatmeal is rich in saponins, a natural chemical compound that enables oatmeal to buff, cleanse, and moisturize the skin.

Avoid using products that contain chemicals, as these can dry your skin. Use products with natural ingredients instead and preferably those having no scent or are mildly scented. Allow your skin to breathe by avoiding make-ups and other products that can clog your pores.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

With dryness because of the aging process, comes fine lines and eventually wrinkles. These happen because the skin loses collagen and elasticity. Your facial skin is an easy target for these aging signs to show.

You will notice fine lines around your eyes and mouth, and then wrinkle starts to form on your forehead.

To banish and minimize their appearance on your skin, you can start to do the following natural anti-aging home remedies:

Create a natural solution with milk or plain yogurt as your key ingredient. Using a piece of clean facial cloth soaked in the solution, gently pat you face up to your neck area with the soaked cloth. Let the solution dry on your face and thereafter rinse thoroughly using warm water.

The Reader's Digest Association suggests a mixture of papaya and oatmeal that you can apply on your skin topically. Leave the mixture for approximately ten (10) minutes, and then scrub the area using clean washcloth soaked in warm water. Follow this up with cold water for rinsing.

Carrot is an effective anti-wrinkle agent. You can create a facial mask from mashed or grated carrots. Apply the mask on your face paying attention to the area where wrinkles appear. After about 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly using warm water. Gently pat your face dry.

Age Spots

These spots are consequences of your exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. They do not show until you grow in age. Sunrays speed up melanin production resulting with brown skin spots.

You may not know it but sun exposure such as when you are in your car or through your kitchen window as you wash the dishes is the guilty culprit.

To remedy age spots naturally, do the following:

Create a topical solution using two of the most effective natural ingredients to remove the spots: apple cider vinegar and onion extracts. Combine equal parts of the two ingredients and apply the solution onto the spots.

An alternative is to use lemon juice. Lemon contains acid that can lighten age spots until they are hardly noticeable or visible to the human eye.

Dry skin, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles do not have to show right away with every year added to your age. You can enjoy younger-looking skin by following the aforementioned anti-aging home remedies.

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