Smile Your Cancer Away!

By Dr. Wu Dhi

Expert Author Dr. Wu Dhi

A few weeks ago I got together with a group of doctors in South Florida to share information and go over some of our difficult patients together.

Dr. Alex who is an Oncologist told me this story and I high tailed home as quick as I could to write it down and share with you because it directly relates to what I teach and practice.

Dr. Alex told me of a patient that is 94 years old who came to see him. As it turned out she tested positive for a nasty form of cancer.

Being that she was 94 at the time she didn't panic, she had already lived an incredibly rich life and had lots to be grateful for.

She calmly asked the Doctor, what to do. Being trained as an M.D., he suggested the standard protocol which includes chemotherapy, radiation and the possibility of surgery.

She didn't want to have chemo and I wouldn't choose that either. It's not likely at her age that it would have done her much good anyway. She knew her days were numbered.

Here's the interesting part of the story.

What she decided to do instead of getting chemo was to get all her teeth capped, you know, like all the movie stars do.

At first, the doctor thought that was the strangest thing he ever heard and she was losing it mentally.

Later when asked why-- she responded:

"I am 94 years old and I know I'll probably die soon but I want to die with a beautiful smile."

This, I would point out, is evidence of a highly developed if not "enlightened" person. The instant she was facing certain death she chose how she wanted to live the rest of her life - "SMILING".

Smiling back to the world and smiling back to death.

And to that end she wanted to get the biggest and brightest smile she possibly could.

So she went to the cosmetic dentist and she spent Ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) to get her teeth fixed and walked out with a perfect smile. Both her daughter and son were thinking that their mother of 94 years old had flipped out and considered the Ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) spent at the dentist a loss to their inheritance.

Well, as it turned out, the old lady really looked good with her new set of pearly whites. She had a great smile and wasn't shy about sharing it.

The more she showed off her new smile the better she felt. She felt so good about herself that the next time she came to the office about three months later, the doctor re-ran all her tests and she was completely Cancer Free.

When you are feeling good about yourself, and you feel that you look good, you have such a strong vibration that you throw diseases out of your body.

I always take the time to teach all of my cancer patients the smile meditation. It's a wonderful way to smile away your blues.

3 years later that same woman is now 97 years old and she's still showing that smile to everyone she meets. I guess the kids will have to wait a little longer for that inheritance.

Wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness,
Dr. Wu Dhi


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