Top 4 Benefits Of Eating Chocolate


I was sitting on my couch the other night in front of the TV eating a bar of my favorite chocolate - a peanut butter Twix and I was really feeling guilty because of this.  I am not normally a couch potato and here I was stuffing my face with one of my favorite foods and then I remembered hearing that chocolate could actually be good for you - Made me feel better so I thought that I would look into this.

Color me surprised when I hit Google and did some research because dark chocolate especially is even better for you than I thought if eaten sensibly and in a small amount. So here are the top 5 reasons why we should be eating chocolate for health reasons - YUM!

Top 4 Benefits Of Eating Chocolate 

1 - Contains Antioxidants

The main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa which in itself contains healthy natural chemicals such as Flavonoids which is a natural antioxidant which battles the free radicals in our bodies by protecting various cells from oxidizing.  To give you a better idea, beans, apples and apricots also contain the natural flavonoids.

2 - Lowered Blood Pressure

Studies done around the world conclude that if you eat a good quality dark chocolate in small doses and on a regular basis with a combination of other healthy foods it can actually reduce your blood pressure rate which can only be good news for your heart and body.

3- Lowered cholesterol levels

Eating dark chocolate in a moderated amount can reduce our cholesterol levels by up to 10 percent - Amazing.  Again this is due to the presence of Flavonoids which are also found in red wine, another cholesterol reducing part of a healthy diet.

4- A Natural Anti Depressant

You know this one - That is why when we feel down we reach for a bar of chocolate - It's natural for us but what we don`'t know is that chocolate contains serotonin which is a happy feel good chemical that gives us a feeling of pleasure.

Now I know why chocolate makes me feel good when I am feeling down. It is not just the taste and guilty pleasure but all those good things going on in our bodies that make us crave more like a good cup of fresh caffeine. I also love my coffee.

So if you are feeling guilty or over indulgent by having the occasional piece of chocolate keep in mind that it reduces heart disease.


apple said...

When I'm sad, I used to eat chocolates. And it's really effective in removing your depression. After I read your blog about this topic, I think I must buy and eat more chocolates since I discovered that we can get lots of benefits from it!

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