Cod Liver Oil for Strong Bones and Healthy Joints


Cod Liver oil is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids,DHA & EPA along with Vitamin A and Vitamin D.Doctors used to prescribe Cod Liver Oil in order to prevent rickets and other symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in Children.

Cod Liver Oil is taken by adults to ease pain in joint stiffness associated with arthritis.It has positive effect on heart as EPA(EicosaPentaenoic Acid)helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.Cod Liver Oil is also beneficial in maintaining healthy nervous system, skin and good eyesight and helps to prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol .

However Pregnant women should best avoid using Cod Liver Oil as high amount of natural forms of vitamin A such as retinol. High doses of synthetic vitamin A (retinoid) have been shown to cause birth defects.Vitamin A accumulates in body fat, and can reach harmful levels sufficient to cause hypervitaminosis.There may be an increased risk of gestational hypertension as well.


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