Caffeine in the Fight Against Hair Loss

For millions of men and to a lesser extent women, the fight against hereditary baldness or general hair thinning is a fight that can hit the wallet and self esteem.


In reality approximately 25 percent of men will start to lose their hair by the time they are 30 with 2 thirds going thin on top by the time they reach 60. The main cause of hair loss that equates to 95 percent of cases is simply 'male pattern baldness'.. Due to the vast numbers this affects its easy to see that it means big business for pharmaceutical companies if they can find effective treatments or dare say it a cure.

Up until recently there has been hope for some sufferers who want to maintain their locks as long as it is caught early before the hair loss is to great, treatments available that are widely used are Minoxidil and Finasteride or commonly known by their brand names 'Regaine' or 'Propecia'. Users of these treatments either use one or the other but sometimes both and success rates vary but they have been proven to offer regrowth and reduced further hair loss in a a wide range of cases. Like all good medical discoveries some are accidental, Minoxidil was and is sometimes still used as a treatment for extreme high blood pressure but for some reason that has yet to be fully explained or discovered some users grew excess hair. After the initial shock and cries of 'Eureka' were heard amongst the manufacturers it was tested, approved and packaged into a lotion that is used by many men and women on a monthly basis happily parting with hard earned cash to keep their locks.

Both of the above treatments are approved by many countries as the only proven treatments in the fight against hair loss but competition is gaining ground using a simple product that most of us enjoy in our coffee and tea on a daily basis and that is Caffeine!!

Caffeine has long been used as a stimulant so when some bright spark decided to test it on hair roots it wasn't to much of a surprise to see that it did have some effect stimulating hair roots and creating healthier, stronger and more hair definition. The main product available in the marketplace is Alpecin, the manufacturers have conducted research and even though not actually verified as yet in the same category as Minoxidil and Finasteride their research seems logical and quite compelling.

Alpecin has taken Europe by storm with caffeine based shampoos, lotions and treatments flying off the shelves of major supermarkets. Whether it is just initial hype or it genuinely helps the millions affected it remains to be seen but it does seem that the fight against hair loss has a new ally.

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